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Installation services available
North East Of England.

Venetian plaster kitchen feature wall by bespoke feature walls installed to newly fitted kitchen. North Eas of England.

Decorative Venetian Plaster In 2023


Are you looking to upgrade your interior?

Take a look at our luxurious feature walls created using our vast range of decorative marble plaster finishes, uniquely designed for your interior.

High heat-resistance - 100% Waterproof -

Anti-fungal & Mould Resistant 

We use the finest materials sourced from Italy which are applied by hand using specialist tools to create a truly unique design, giving  your room an amazing eye catching feature in any room.

Modern kitchen upgrade features one of our feature walls created using textured light grey tones with a metallic bronze effect.
Making Exclusive Design Matter

Our installation service provides our clients with an exclusive final product, designed with the interiors fixtures and fittings in mind to give a flowing and intergrated feel to the home environment. Our aim is to give customers something out of the ordinary which is not readily available on the market as every instal is as individual to the person creating it.

The Venetian plaster itself  offers a wide range of colours and textures, therefore design and effect is very versatile.  It is important to keep in mind when considering your choices that colour shades, texture and patterns can vary. Each instal due to the nature of the product and the burnishing process involved when applying the products will in turn have individuality.  Unlike popular methods of wall decor such as wallpaper, venetian plaster is a seamless finish and is light sensitive. This means that each angle presented and the amount of light exposure given will create varied ambient results.

We look to work with clients who are ready to take their interior to another level with our... 

Bespoke Feature Walls.


Luxurious wall finishes by Bespoke Feature Walls. North East of England


Luxurious wall finishes 

Are you looking to give your walls a luxurious makeover? 

Decorative Venetian Plaster by Bespoke feature walls. Newcastle upon tyne.


Bespoke Feature Walls

Stunning range of smooth and textured Venetian plaster installations.

Luxurious wall art created using venetian plaster by Bespoke feature walls. Noth East of England

Wall Art

Limited Edition

Our range of unique wall art

ready to display.

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