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Zen Collection

Introducing our Zen Art Collection, which will help you achieve a sense of peace and tranquility in your home or office. Each piece has been crafted with the intention of evoking feelings of Zen and inspiring a deeper connection to spirituality and wellbeing. Browse the collection today to find the perfect piece for your space.

Medium: Venetian Plaster

Zen collection: 01

Venetian plaster Zen wall art By Bespoke Feature Walls. Newcastle Upon Tyne. United Kingdom.


Looking for a way to create a peaceful atmosphere in your living space? Our Zen art piece, entitled 'Calm', may be just what you need. Created in a modern and unique medium, this piece features a beautiful mandala pattern, designed to inspire a sense of tranquility and inner peace. The white stone effect lends an airy and natural feel to any room.

Place it in your home or office, and feel the

calming energy wash over you.

Zen collection: 02

"Tree Of Life"

Experience the serenity and tranquility of our Tree of Life artwork. The white tree of life stands out on a lush green background with a beautiful depth and pattern, making it the perfect decorative zen art for your home or office. Add this unique piece to your space and create a sense of peace and harmony.

Tree of life venetian plaster wall art by Bespoke Feature Walls. Newcastle Tyne And Wear. England.
Venetian plaster zen wall art collection: 03."Eternal Energy" by bespoke feature walls. Newcastle Upon Tyne. England.

Zen collection: 03

"Eternal Energy"

Zen collection: 04

Natural Stone Mandala

Bring a touch of nature into your home or office with our natural stone effect mandala. This decorative art piece is created using Venetian plaster, which gives it a beautiful natural stone look. The intricate patterns and serene colours of this mandala make it a perfect piece for any space that needs a calming touch. Get yours today and enjoy the peaceful vibes it brings.

venetian plaster Zen wall art by Bespoke Feature Walls. Newcastle Upon Tyne. England.
Urban Bonsai

Zen collection: 05

"Urban Bonsai"

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind decorative piece, our Urban Bonsai set is the perfect choice. The rustic patina bonsai tree is set against a polished grey background, creating a beautiful and modern art piece. This set is perfect for bonsai lovers and enthusiasts who want to add a touch of nature to their home décor.

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